"The God's Word must be repeated, appropriated, cultivated. It must reach every area of life, involving, as Jesus says in the Gospel, the whole heart, the whole soul, the whole strength  (Mk 12:28). It must resonate within us.

Come back to Christ

Why not come back to Christ,

talk with Christ,

listen to Christ?

"It's him you're talking to

when you pray

it's him that you listen to

when you read the divine scriptures "

St Ambrose


To be a disciple

What Jesus asks the disciple,

it's to spend his life,

all his life,

in favor of the Gospel.

This is how we can keep her alive,

much more, to make it grow.

If we stay with the Lord,

we collect.

The one who, on the contrary,

remains only with himself,

the one who does not spend his life

that for himself,

this one scatters,

it doesn't collect anything at all.

Bishop Vincenzo Paglia


Serve and love

The Bible does not scare us away

in a world that would be unreal

and removed from our present life.

On the contrary, the Bible shows us

how much our way

to manage the daily

say something

of our way of loving

and serve the Lord

loving and serving


that surround us.

Pope Francis


Some valuable tips
for the "lectio divina",

prayerful reading of the Word.

Available for download

Three texts

Every day

An encounter
with the Lord

Jesus Christ,
center of our faith

As we know, the Holy Scriptures are the written testimony of the divine Word, the canonical memorial which attests to the event of Revelation. So the Word of God precedes and exceeds the Bible. This is why the center of our faith is not only a book, but a story of salvation and above all a Person, Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh.

In our approach to Scripture, we should not seek the manifestation of this or that idea, or an increase in knowledge, but a commitment between God and us, between the One who speaks to us and us who listen to him; that is, we must approach to make an alliance.


Scripture was given to us to overcome forgetting God. It is so important to remember this when we pray! as a Psalm teaches which says: "I remember the exploits of the Lord, I recall your marvel of old" (76:12). Also, the wonders and wonders that the Lord has performed in our own life.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

It is essential to remember the good received: without remembering it, we become strangers to ourselves, “passers-by” of existence; without memory we uproot ourselves from the ground that nourishes us and we let ourselves be carried away like leaves by the wind. To remember, on the contrary, is to reconnect with stronger ties, it is to be part of a history, it is to breathe with a people. Memory is not a private thing, it is the life that unites us to God and to others. For this, in the Bible, the memory of the Lord will be transmitted from generation to generation, will be told from father to son, as this beautiful passage says: "Tomorrow, when your son asks you: 'What are these edicts, these decrees? and these ordinances which the Lord our God has commanded you? ”, Then you will say to your son:“ We were slaves - the whole history of slavery - and before our eyes, the Lord did signs and wonders ”” (Dt 6, 20-22). You will pass the memory on to your son.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Pope Francis, Homily of June 14, 2020

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